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Reel Services and Taping Services

Reel Services

Having an actors reel is like a calling card, more so than just a headshot and resume. Step II Dance is equipped to help you out in putting together an effective compilation of your video highlights to bring out the best that you can offer to the next casting director or agent.

Whether you need to have your best moments edited into an actors reel or if you need to record and audition that will be sent directly to the casting director, Step II is available to help you out.

Taping Services

Step II Dance center also offers services for the actor who needs to send in a self taped audition. In these days of the internet, more and more casting directors are asking actors to send in their auditions via  self taped auditions. However, it’s important that the actor send in an audition that has both video and audio of good quality so as not to distract from the actors talent. We will provide you with the right sound and video to help make a good impression for the casting director. We will also provide a competent reader for any dialogue scenes. Price is only $35.00/45 minutes.  We recommend that before you come for your appointment, you know your lines stone cold so that more time can be spent in creating the best options to submit your audition.

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